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Site is up! - Thursday, July 09, 2009

 the site is up and currently being built

 Welcome To Fuelternatives?

Fuelternatives? is focused on becoming the consumer's source for alternative fuels information.

As we grow our support network, we will create a certification program for alternative energy called the Fuelternatives? Seal of Approval(SM). When you buy a product or group of products that we have certified to work as advertised, you can know that we have checked it out and back it up!

Our real goal in doing this is to help you get through the "snake oil" in the marketplace. We know its there because those false claims decieved us as we tried to find greener solutions for auto and home products. It can take forever to try to understand what is out there and what is real. It is that perspective that we are trying to help with.

You will find a feedback option on virtually every page of our website. We want to know what we can do to help you, since you represent others who might be more hesitant to tell us what we can do better.

Overtime, we will certify more products for our marketplace. Our financial plans will be focused on advertising, bundling products for sale, and creating or connecting products that we feel might be useful. If you feel our site is helpful, we would appreciate a donation to help us grow.

Thanks in advance,

Leif Johnston
Managing Partner

 Welcome to Fuelternatives?
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Then based on this information, it will assure you five magazines, five television series and five books. I rarely watch TV, but it's recommended five magazines have two that I've subscribed to; it recommended five books, there is one I have ever seen. I recommend it not very interested in the other, but this is pretty good accuracy. Hunch's ambition is to give each user to create a personal preference file and e-commerce companies that will purchase entirely to its recommendation service based on personal preferences Chinese obviously need a high-performance recommendation engine, and taking into account people's preferences and Western users not necessarily the same, the recommendation engine is also bound to be with Chinese characteristics. I expect the recommendation engine in China has great development, but which also has difficulty First, is his use of labor-intensive approach to every song set attributes hire and time-consuming for many years before they became profitable. Taobao, Dangdang's hard to imagine or transactions can record their websites to a third-party company research and more importantly, the recommendation engine technology is difficult cottage, it is not just a programming problem, and must ask statisticians, artists and cooperative research engineer. The biggest difference early Internet companies is that it uses the Internet; China erupted in 2005 web 2.0 companies, the biggest difference is probably just a good idea; but now the core technology when needed. Perhaps the college dropout, and even high school students to think of it a good idea to write the program a few months, and then be able to pull on the venture capital business venture to say that the market is already listed on the era coming to an end from web 2.0 to the recommendation engine 2.0, is an Internet company from low-end to high-end one evolution.